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    I have a problem with the theme after updating last time. It looks like a caching problem, but still after deleting my cache it doesn’t seem to work. The pagination on top isn’t working right or either the padding under the header, because it gives me problems on more pages. Only in Firefox by the way not in Edge browsers. I’m thinking it happens after I work on a page in the frontend composer.

    Is it true you first need to deactivate the WPbakery plugin, than delete it and reinstall it afterwards? I didn’t purchased this plugin. I’ve got it downloaded with the theme on themeforest in the beginning (2016). Is it still available for me after delting it first? Or do I need to download the zip file from themforest again and install it seperately?

    So I want to be sure, before getting any problems after following these steps.
    Als I’ve noticed it’s called Visual composer right now??? (

    Please let me know if I’m right.

    Thanks a lot, Nancy



    Responded via email.

    Best regard,
    DFD Team


    Same issue here. I want to update WPbakery but it is VC now?
    Can I update to WordPress 5.7?



    Me again: Could this be that the theme still needs the jquery migrate?
    Best, Jan


    Yep, Upgrade to 5.7. causes problems. I could resolve this with the plugin “Enable Jquery Migrate”. Will the template be updated that it won’t need the migrate in the future or will I have to choose a new template?

    Regarding Theme Update: The plugin update WP Bakery did not work for me: When deleting the WPbakery Bakery no messages pops up. But I received an info, that Visual Composer needs to be updated. Bit confusing. How to proceed?


    Please, kindly submit a ticket here:

    DFD Support Team.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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