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    As I’m not using Revolution Slider and WooCommerce on my blog, how can I get rid of all css and js files which are used for those two plugins? I have lot experience with php, css, js, html, but I’m new to wordpress, and I’m not sure if I can simply delete somewhere all those css rules, js functions, etc, without breaking the theme.

    Also, on my wordpress installation, Revolution slider plugin was enabled after I installed Native theme – is it safe to disable and delete this plugin, as I’m not using it?

    Thanks in advance


    Hello Djordjew!

    In case you are not using the Rev Slider you can easily delete it.
    Regarding deleting the WooCommerce files, we do not recommend you to do this. This can interfere the work of the site as the result.
    In case you are not using WooCommerce, the files and styling it are not in active usage. So, they can not interfere the site performance or theme functions.

    Regards, DFD Support Team.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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