Free demo installation service

Get the advantages of free installation

Since now, we offer installation of the theme, plugins included to the theme pack and any of the demo layouts available within Native theme. You do NOT need to pay extra money for the installation service, since we are providing our customers with it for free.

Installation Service does include:

  • Theme installation
  • Installation of the plugins included to the theme pack
  • Installation of any demo layout on your site. You may select one following this link:
  • Free PSD files
  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with bundled 3rd party plugins

Installation Service does not include:

  • Customization services (this is available through Envato Studio)
  • Help and Support for non-bundled 3rd party plugins (i.e. plugins you install by yourself)

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The names of the demos are equal to the names of the demos on our main demo page.

This field accepts url in "http://" or "https://" format only

This field accepts url in "ftp://" or "sftp://" format only

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