Text typography

Text typography
Customize the typography settings for the textual elements used on the site.
  • Default text Typography – specify the typography settings and color for the text. They will be set for all the text areas as default settings.
  • Featured decoration Typography – adjust the typography settings and color for the featured decoration, the feature decoration you can find in Text editor on a single post, single portfolio and in Text module.
  • Blockquote Typography – here you can style the typography settings and color for the blockquote. These settings will be applied for all the blockquotes as default.
  • Link Typography – set the typography and color for all the links by default.
  • Meta Typography – here typography settings and color for the meta are set as default values for all your site.
  • Pagination Typography – using the options from this section you can set the typography for the pagination.
div#stuning-header .dfd-stuning-header-bg-container {background-image: url(http://nativewptheme.net/support/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/hands1.jpg);background-size: cover;background-position: center center;background-attachment: scroll;background-repeat: no-repeat;}#stuning-header div.page-title-inner {min-height: 550px;}